Reclaiming Male Role Models

RMRM025 | You’re Really 10x More Attractive Than Who You’re Trying to Be | Ken Blackman


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KEN BLACKMAN is a sought-after lecturer and coach, teaching workshops worldwide and working one-on-one with select clients from SF, LA and NY to London, Paris, Sydney and Bali. His approach is brash, unorthodox and effective. He was one of the principal architects of a curriculum that is now shifting the world conversation around sex and human relating through OneTaste. His main focus these days is on custom-tailoring relationships to be resilient, passionate, intimate, connection-rich and deeply fulfilling.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Ken’s journey – from feeling unlikable and unattractive to now teaching men and women all over the world how to have resilient and deeply gratifying relationships.
  • Why trying to be attractive to women is the thing that’s keeping you from being attractive to women.

Quotes from this episode:

The one thing that I want all guys to get is that the you that’s actually in there is 10x more attractive than the you that you’re trying to pretend to be.

The divorce rate is really high. But also people who are together have got all the checkmarks marked off but they’re not happy. What happened?

I had women who were willing to tell me the truth and start to train me in what they wanted and it was nothing like what I thought. 

Resources from this episode: