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RMRM026 | Mastering Self Love and Self Awareness | Rob Scott


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ROB SCOTT is a master level coach who helps people shift their identities and make dramatic breakthroughs on all platforms of their life. Over the past two decades he has helped people who were struggling and feeling unfulfilled to succeed in the various areas they were looking to improve. The Fundamental Shift, pioneered by Rob, teaches people how rewire their limiting beliefs, and ultimately leaves them completely transformed and understanding the distinctions of thought vs experience.

Rob has pinpointed humanity’s core issue and identified and named this problem. It’s the problem of limiting of our current identity. The thoughts you create yield the results of what you think you deserve. Rob has made it his mission to shift this mindset and create habits and behaviors that yield positive outcomes. The result of this shift are people who are living to their full potential and achieving a level of success they thought was impossible to reach.

Now, after a decade of helping believe reach this next level consciousness, Rob has reached hundreds of thousands people with his message and his practices. He has been fully awake for more than twenty years and is passionate about how to change to world. People who have worked with Rob have experienced breakthroughs in health, relationships, income, and an overall sense of happiness and fulfillment. Rob has helped business grow, relationships flourish, and has even helped craft congressional testimony that has lead to national policy reform, all by teaching others how to evolve their consciousness to shift their identity.

In this episode we talk about:

  • A peek into Robs story from being born into pain and abuse to evolving and having an impact on the consciousness of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.
  • What it truly takes to receive the love we say we want.
  • The single most transformative tool for personal development.

Quotes from this episode:

At the base of addiction is a dissatisfaction with this moment.

Without a doubt beginning to work with the mind – with the self awareness of detaching from your frames of reference and belief systems – is the most transformative tool that there is.

We need to feel worthy and deserving of love. I had so much shame and difficulty going through what I went through as a younger guy that I didn’t really feel I deserved it for a long time.

Resources from this episode: