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RMRM 013 | Max Nachamkin | Learning to Love Our Fathers and Having Joyful Relationships

Max Nachamkin

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MAX NACHAMKIN is a relationship coach for entrepreneurs, where he merges spiritual and practical real-world techniques to help business owners get out of tricky relationship situations and increase the amount of love, connection, and service they have in the world.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Max’s journey of learning to love his parents and accepting that they did the very best they could while raising him.
  • How joy and play can help us get more of the connection, intimacy, and sex that we really want in our relationships.
  • The secret to being really great with women: Crying.

Quotes from this episode:

  • “There are no experts, only people who’ve been winging it longer than you have” 
  • “When we let go of these emotions they can’t control us anymore.”
  • “When we’re light and we’re fun and we’re playful people are really attracted to that. Crying is a huge piece of that. For the guy who feels like his relationships suck, that would be a bigger game changer than any tactic or technique.”

Resources from this episode: