Reclaiming Male Role Models

RMRM 012 | Eva Clay | How to Deepen Connection to Your Masculine Core

eva clay

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EVA CLAY, LCSW is a true wild woman. An acclaimed psychotherapist, tantrika, sex geek, and muse, her mission is to illuminate the ménage-a-trois of body, mind, and spirit in all our relating. She has helped thousands of people to achieve hot, healthy, holistic love.

As a professor of neuroscience, Eva bodaciously reminds us that the brain is our biggest sex organ, and with great elegance she marries the profound with the playful.  Always called to uplift sexual wellness, she’s worked for 20-years a sex educator and healer.

She offers self-love and erotic intelligence programs for both women and men.  On her off time you might find her crashing open mic events in Venice Beach.

In this episode we talk about:
  • How to know if you’re in your body (or if you’re not!).
  • How our breath is the GPS of our life, and why it’s so important to be in touch with it.
  • How to get more embodied using breath, and why it’s essential to creating intimacy in relationships.
Quotes from this episode:

“Love Warriors. The masculine is one who protects, one who provides and does so out of love. Does so out of devotion. Devotion to his tribe, to his woman, to his family.”

“I don’t think it’s requisite to hate men if you’ve been violated by one.”

“Emotional awareness is an absolute necessity to enter a state of empathy. If you’re not emotionally aware then it’s going to be hard for you to develop a deep intimacy with another human being.”

Resources from this episode: