Reclaiming Male Role Models

RMRM007 | Bryan Reeves | Stepping Up to a Fuller Version of Masculine Maturity


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BRYAN REEVES is a Relationship Insight Ninja who’s writing on feminine and masculine dynamics has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on the internet through sites like The Good Men Project, Cosmopolitan, and The Elephant Journal.

He’s also taught mindfulness to military vets, people with autism, and as a transformational coach he works with people inspired to live in their fullness, and who aspire to inspire others. Bryan works with leaders and executives, creators and artists, visionaries and passionate seekers – anyone committed to creating a thriving world by showing up and offering their authentic gifts to the world.

Bryan is the author of his book The Sex, Flirting, Dating, Hunting, and Hoping Diet.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The single thing that women are afraid of in men.
  • How men have castrated their masculinity and how that impacts women negatively.
  • Embodying a strong masculine energy that will simultaneously empower women.
  • How men are not nearly as alone as they think they are.
  • The repercussions of a hyper-masculine military: “When I got out of the military I was dead inside. I literally couldn’t feel anything. I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t cry.”
  • Transforming from a fearful, checked out boyfriend to a trustworthy, mature masculine man.
  • Mutual magic making between men and women.
  • How women are not defective versions of men.
  • The growing number of thoughtful, mature masculine men in our world.
  • Inviting men to step up to a fuller version of masculine maturity.

Quotes from this episode:
“There’s a reverence that comes with maturity. There’s a reverence for life even as we’re taking life.

“What men don’t want to share but is true for all of us is that somewhere inside we’re scared shitless. Or at least that we don’t measure up. Once we start confessing that to each other magic can come from that. Once we start allowing each other for that to be there and be ok and to not judge it.. vulnerability is not the same as weakness.”

“None of us is feeling anything that someone else hasn’t felt before. We’re not nearly as alone as we think we are. Men especially need to come out of that closet with each other. And we can create that. We really can.”

“When a man checks out that’s death to the relationship, that’s death to her heart. But that’s what we men do. So many of us do it out of a fear of ‘If I really rise into my masculine and really own this relationship and this woman I’m going to scare this shit out of her. I’m going to dominate her. I’m going to overwhelm her, I’m going to destroy her.’

So what we men have done is we castrate our masculinity because we don’t want to do that… I think what’s happening in our evolution is that we have the opportunity as men to learn how to breathe in that juicy delicious strong masculine energy without disempowering our women.

Resources from this episode: