Reclaiming Male Role Models

RMRM006 | Drew Gerald | Remarkable Love and a Life Worth Living


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DREW GERALD is an entrepreneur, coach, and published author of “Holistic Sex” and of the highly-anticipated forthcoming book on sex, “Become A Remarkable Lover, Vol. I – Fundamentals”. Drew also hosts a #1 iTunes featured sex advice podcast – “Dirty Talk with Drew Gerald”. His popular blog “The Polyman” inspires over 13,000 men per month; a place where he intimately shares personal insights, struggles, and lessons on helping make the best men, better.

In a previous life, he founded and ran a high end software company for over 7 years – creating solutions used by Fortune 500 clients such as Disney, Square-Enix, Sony Pictures, Whole Foods, BT, Walmart, Discovery Channel, Turner, Acura, and thousands of others.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to be the creator of your life
  • How to become a highest caliber lover.
  • Why having better sex isn’t really about the sex.
  • Drew being in touch with his biological father for the first time since he was 3 years old.
  • Going from suicidal depression to not ever wanting to die: “I decided to do whatever it takes to get a girlfriend, make friends, be happy, learn how to be confident, and love myself or to end it.”
  • Going from Googling “How to be cool”, “How to make friends”, and “How to get a girl to like you” to teaching conscious sexuality and empowerment to men and women around the world.

Quotes from this episode:

It’s about the confidence, the empowerment, the love, the connection. It’s about all of the real things that a life worth living is made for.”

“At the end of the day it’s not really about the sex, it’s about happiness. It’s about living the life you want to live. It’s about waking up every day and wanting to live.

“You can either live your life at effect, where the world around you is the cause… Living as the victim of the world’s circumstances… Or you could be the cause of your circumstance. You could be empowered and create the world around you rather than being created by the world around you.”

“There are 2 things to do if you want the best transformational/personal development education in your life: 1. Get in a relationship. Your relationships are going to teach you incredible things. 2. Be an entrepreneur. Start a business. You want a fast track to growth, acceleration, transformation? These two things will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in trainings.”

Resources from this episode:

  • The Remarkable Lover – Confidence. Orgasms. Love. Fulfillment. Now all within your reach. Get ready to create the sex life you deserve.
  • Holistic Sex – Overcome limiting beliefs & heal past wounds to reach the purest, most evolved, enlightened sex of profound pleasure & love.
  • The Polyman – Making the best men, better.
  • Dirty Talk with Drew Gerald – The aspects of sex and rela­tion­ships too taboo for main­stream rela­tion­ship advice shows.