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RMRM020 | How to Be an Extraordinary Parent Who Raises Extraordinary Children | Gregg DeMammos


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GREGG DEMAMMOS is a very happy husband and father of two great boys. In 2006 Gregg left a successful career in the music industry managing artists to become a life coach. Ten years later he has coached hundreds of people to transform their lives and relationships, have more business success, and create new, empowering relationship to themselves. Today Gregg is more of who he always wanted to be than he ever has been.

From the moment he lost his father at age 9 Gregg became committed to helping his mom get through things as best he could. In his business he now concentrates on coaching women leaders who are ready to bring their dreams back into focus and become who they have always wanted to be – A niche that has been a lifetime in the making.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Gregg respects his childrens’ temper tantrums and anger, and transforms them into life lessons and deep love.
  • Gregg’s journey of learning to use his emotions in ways that worked FOR him.
  • How, despite growing up with no father as a role model during some of the most formative years of his life, Gregg later chose to be an extraordinary father who raised extraordinary children.

Quotes from this episode:

My 9 year old son is incredibly wise. The things he gives me for my business and for myself are unparalleled.

Your emotions are your reality until you understand that they’re an emotional reality and that you exist underneath them.

Regardless of how righteous your mission is, of how great the possibility you’re holding is, when you’re injecting your own outrage [into a situation] you’re going to create more separation.

Resources from this episode:

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