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RMRM018 | How to Use Polarity to Spark Passion in Your Relationship | Morris Kunz

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MORRIS KUNZ has been a leader in the real estate finance industry for over 20 years. He has the ability to bring people together and negotiate transactions at a high level due to his understanding and skillset around the dynamics of relationship. He has successfully negotiated 100’s of millions of dollars’ worth of real estate transactions.

Morris has also worked with many couples and individuals to unlock their authentic communication, express their truth without fear of judgement, and ultimately move to higher levels of relationship.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Morris’ journey in showing up as the role model he wished he’d been for his children.
  • How to navigate the process of conscious uncoupling within marriage.
  • How to maintain passion and excitement in your relationship through the concepts of polarity.
  • The distinction between tolerating and celebrating your relationships.

Quotes from this episode:

I was absent for my boys more than I would have liked to have been, and I see them struggle because of that now

I think that’s where the true connection comes in, when we can get past the storms of our partner and still be there strong, loving, vulnerable.

Both people have to be 100% on board at looking in the mirror on “How can I make this relationship be one that I’m celebrating?”

Resources from this episode: