Reclaiming Male Role Models

RMRM 019 | How to Open Your Partner up to Love in Every Moment | Christopher Sunyata


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CHRISTOPHER SUNYATA Sexual energy is the source of all life in this world. Vast physical pleasure, deep love, and even union with divine source can be experienced through sex. Christopher Sunyata teaches people how to embrace their sexual power and artfully conduct it through their body and intimate relationships, integrating this power into their whole life. Drawing upon decades of practice and study under masters of sexual yoga, Taoist exercises, and Buddhist meditation, he teaches ancient body-centered practices without dogma or esoteric language, leading others to discover the secret wisdom already present within their own body. By learning to trust this wisdom within their body, people can reclaim passion and life energy that is their birthright, and create intimate relationships that deepen in love and chemistry over the years.

Prior to teaching he was a successful international project manager responsible for over a billion dollars in revenue, a medical device engineer with seven patents, and a ceramic artist.  He has raised four children, two of his own, including one who has significant disabilities. He lives in Molokai, Hawaii and Boulder, Colorado with his beloved wife Karlene.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What it’s like to be in his 50s and be having the best sex AND the most intimacy he’s ever had with his partner – and getting better every day.
  • Chris’ touching story of how his grandfather taught him to truly love women.
  • How awareness of our breath is the foundation of intimacy – and how to begin cultivating that awareness.

Quotes from this episode:

It was the first time I’d seen a married couple where they were flirting all the time. It shocked me how much joy they had in their relationship.

Foreplay is happening 24/7 if you’re in a relationship.

The man with the fullest breath in a room holds a gravitas and presence that other men feel and will respect and defer to that person.

Resources from this episode: