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A story that’s told over and over (and over) by men sounds eerily similar to “I felt like I was the only good man in the world.”

Combine that with the continual expectation to “man up” plus a heavy cultural focus on the damage and pain that men have caused means that early on boys are given the message “You must do this all alone. Don’t show any weakness. Oh, and while you’re at it, hold onto the shame of all the other men who’ve done crappy things in the world.”

RMRM is an exploration of the beauty and goodness of men, a celebration even. These cards are RMRM’s way of showing love for the men who have changed our lives for the better.

Who are the men in your life who have made a positive impact in your own and loved ones’ lives? When was the last time you let them know how much you care about and value them? There are 1,000,001 ways to show your appreciation, RMRM thinks this is a pretty darn special option.

Let’s let the good men in our lives know that they’re acknowledged, appreciated, and supported.


These cards have been lovingly made just for Reclaiming Male Role Models by Hello Happiness Card Co.

Each pack comes with 4 cards hand bound together in twine, and with a small pack of glitter for that extra special touch of love.

    • You Give Men a Good Name
    • Men Like You Make the World a Better Place
    • You’re My Favorite Man
    • I Love You Man!

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