Reclaiming Male Role Models

RMRM024 | The Power of Mentorship | Mike Zeller


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MIKE ZELLER discovered his passion for leadership in his early twenties. By the time He was 22, he had listened to well over 100 visionary talks from the top leadership experts in our culture. Before graduating college, He was a devoted sales professional and avid student of sales.

After graduation, he enrolled himself under the mentorship, education, and influences of Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, and Tim Ferris. Mike has had the opportunity to join some of the highest masterminds, and spent 1000s of hours per year studying various facets of business while still growing his current ventures and starting new ones.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The impact that seeking out mentors has had on Mike’s life and career (Hint: It starts with an “H” and ends with a “uge”)
  • How to cultivate mentor relationships where you actually add value to your mentor’s life.
  • The belief that has allowed Mike’s level of success to grow radically.

Quotes from this episode:

You miss every shot you don’t take.

How can I contribute to raising up men and women of character, passion, courage, purpose who are making this world better?

When I do goals, right in the center is “key relationships to develop” and I list out the 8-10 people that over the next 12 months I want to intentionally spend more time with.

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RMRM023 | Breaking Down Masculinity – Marriage, Intuition, and Hugging Your Father | Gregory Kellett


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GREGORY KELLETT is a leader in the field of human potential. His obsession for merging the worlds of neuroscience, community and optimal performance has led him to help individuals and organizations build resilience. He describes himself as a recovering neuroscientist, & prior to coaching, conducted research in brain responsiveness, stress & the nervous system for over 10 years at both SFSU and UCSF. He is known for his unique ability to translate scientific research into simple, practical tools for real world success and satisfaction.

Gregory lives with his extended family just north of San Francisco.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Letting go of the rational mind and trusting intuition.
  • Breaking down the paradigm of marriage.
  • Trusting women and the feminine – and how it’s made his life be better than he could have ever imagined.

Quotes from this episode:

I’m experimenting with really trusting women, and what I find it that it just keeps getting better than I could have ever have imagined.

It’s easy to believe what you see but it’s sometimes not as easy to see what you believe.

The universe is intelligent and benevolent and kind and incredibly responsive if we let it be. If we don’t believe it, if we don’t trust it, it won’t be.

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RMRM022 | Teaching Men to Grill Meat, Change Tires, and Tie Bowties | Kyle Ingham


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KYLE INGHAM is the founder and editor of The Distilled Man, a website that helps everyday guys become well-rounded gentlemen.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Kyle’s interest in learning to grill better turned into full time business teaching man skills like making a martini, tying a bow tie, and grilling.
  • How Kyle actually creates and builds relationships by talking about taboo topics and pushing peoples’ comfort zones.
  • How learning new skills (such as mixing a martini!) can increase a man’s confidence.

Quotes from this episode:

I have a few role models that are comedians. Not because they’re funny, but because of their honesty.

My father, he had high expectations of me being good at sports and I wasn’t that good at sports…

I’ve always found that I’m way more happy when I have a sense of purpose. I’m the kind of person who needs to embody what I’m doing.

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RMRM 021 | Leaving the Jehovah’s Witness Church to Create a Fully Authentic Life | David Hrostoski


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Shortly after the death of his mother and fully exiting the religious cult he was born into, DAVID HROSTOSKI began his journey into deep personal introspection and entrepreneurship.

After two cross-country road trips with his brother—one to spread his mothers ashes in 40 locations and document the journey, and the other to volunteer in 35+ cities over a 94 day span—he was inspired to spend the next three years as a coach, tackling various problems with his clients from around the world.

Then, after a monumental spiritual opening, he decided to take the skills he learned during his time as a coach into consulting for purpose-centered businesses to amplify his global impact.

He now works behind the scenes of some of the world’s best coaches, helping to strategize and implement systems for sustainable growth.

In this episode we talk about:

  • David’s double life as a member of the Jehovah’s Witness church – and his journey in leaving to create the life he knew he was meant to live.
  • What it looks like to intentionally create a community family that gets and supports you for who you truly are.
  • How to live a fully authentic life.

Quotes from this episode:

I was living a double life. I would have sex with my girlfriend and then I would go home to the Jehovah’s Witness.

At our core we don’t want to do harm to other people

RMRM020 | How to Be an Extraordinary Parent Who Raises Extraordinary Children | Gregg DeMammos


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GREGG DEMAMMOS is a very happy husband and father of two great boys. In 2006 Gregg left a successful career in the music industry managing artists to become a life coach. Ten years later he has coached hundreds of people to transform their lives and relationships, have more business success, and create new, empowering relationship to themselves. Today Gregg is more of who he always wanted to be than he ever has been.

From the moment he lost his father at age 9 Gregg became committed to helping his mom get through things as best he could. In his business he now concentrates on coaching women leaders who are ready to bring their dreams back into focus and become who they have always wanted to be – A niche that has been a lifetime in the making.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Gregg respects his childrens’ temper tantrums and anger, and transforms them into life lessons and deep love.
  • Gregg’s journey of learning to use his emotions in ways that worked FOR him.
  • How, despite growing up with no father as a role model during some of the most formative years of his life, Gregg later chose to be an extraordinary father who raised extraordinary children.

Quotes from this episode:

My 9 year old son is incredibly wise. The things he gives me for my business and for myself are unparalleled.

Your emotions are your reality until you understand that they’re an emotional reality and that you exist underneath them.

Regardless of how righteous your mission is, of how great the possibility you’re holding is, when you’re injecting your own outrage [into a situation] you’re going to create more separation.

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